Fully Devoted Followers
It is our desire to develop people of all backgrounds to be fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

An Environment of Community
We want to provide a safe haven for broken lives, those burned by religion, and those scarred by sin to receive acceptance, love, encouragement, guidance and hope through Jesus Christ.

Lifestyle Evangelism
It is our desire to equip the entire body of Aviation Church to strategically and passionately share the Good News of Jesus Christ with people in the Athens area and beyond.

Purpose Directed
We desire to be an intentional, purpose-directed church that plans, programs, staffs, evaluates, and builds on the five purposes of the church (outreach, fellowship, discipleship, worship, and ministry).

Small Groups
Our small group purpose is to connect people in authentic relationships and nurturing small groups to study the Bible together and to experience genuine community.

Servant Leadership
We want to equip people to become ministers by discovering and using their gifts and talents to serve Christ, the body of Aviation  Church, and the Northeast parts of Florida 

Global Outreach
It is our desire to develop an Acts 1:8 strategy that will impact the world by:

  1. Spearheading a church planting movement that will plant churches beginning in the United States and reaching around the world, and by
  2. partnering with missionaries world-wide for the purpose of resourcing and equipping to fulfill the Great Commission.

Family Oriented
It is our desire to minister to the entire family by:

  1. Providing a dynamic student and children’s ministry that provides a loving, growth environment for kids and assists parents in preparing their kids for responsible adulthood.
  2. Providing opportunities for adults of all ages to experience true Biblical community.

Worship Culture
We desire to teach and facilitate God’s people to be true worshipers. We long to see an entire community of believers learn to truly express their adoration to God through many different elements of worship such as; prayer, adoration, confession, song, commitment, giving, fasting, and more.




Aviation Church

Maricopa, AZ